Naviance Scholarships and Financial Aid

The list below contains scholarships or financial aid awards that may be relevant for you. Follow the link below to the Naviance website to access more information about each award.  If you are not currently registered to access the Naviance website, please see the administrator in the Career Center.

Naviance Website:


Name Status Deadline Max Award
"Oh, the Places You'll Go!" College Scholarship active 4-Jan $10,000.00
AAUW College Scholarships active 21-Feb $3,000.00
AES Scholarships active 7-Oct $500.00
AFS - Global Leaders Scholarships active N/A $2,500.00
Alpha Kappa Psi Scholarship active 27-Jan $18,000.00
American Architectural Foundation Minority/Disadvantaged Scholarships active 15-Apr $2,500.00
American Indian Education Foundation Scholarship Program active 4-Apr $2,000.00
American Legion - MN State & National High School Oratorical Contest active 28-Jan $18,000.00
Americanism Essay Contest for Grades 7-12 active 1-Dec $10,000.00
Amo Haynes Book Scholarship  active 31-Dec $500.00
Annexstad Family Foundation Scholarship active 28-Feb full tuition
Arthur C. Parker Scholarship or NSF Scholarship for Archaeological Training active 15-Dec $4,000.00
Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship active 13-Jan $5,000.00
AXA Achievement Scholarship active 1-Dec $25,000.00
“I Am An Entrepreneur†Photo Competition active 1-Dec $1,000.00
Beat the Odds active 22-Nov N/A
Berrien Fragos Thorn Arts Scholarships for Migrant Farm Workers active 1-Nov $2,500.00
BMW/SAE Engineering Scholarships active 15-Jan $1,500.00
Burger King Scholars Program active 10-Jan $50,000.00
Cedar Valley Science Symposium Scholarship active 3-Jan $1,500.00
Christophers' Annual Poster Contest for High School Students active 20-Feb $1,000.00
Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation Four-Year Award for Seniors active 31-Oct $20,000.00
Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarship active 10-Dec $1,000.00
Create-A-Greeting Card Scholarship Contest active 14-Jan $10,000.00
DAR American Indian Scholarship active 1-Apr $1,000.00
Ehtel Curry American Indian Scholarship active 15-Dec $4,000.00
Elks National Foundation Most Valuable Student Competition active 1-Dec $15,000.00
Empire Beauty Schools High School Scholarship active 1-May 1,500
ExxonMobil Bernard Harris Math and Science Scholarships active 2-Apr $5,000.00
FIRE's Freedom in Academia Essay Contest active 5-Nov $5,000.00
First Freedom Student Competition active 14-Nov $2,500
Frances Crawford Marvin American Indian Scholarship active 1-Feb varies
Gates Millenium Scholars active 11-Jan varies
Hadden Scholarships active 1-Dec $4,000.00
Harrington Foundation Scholarship active 3-May $2,500.00
Heart Research Scholarship - Northwest Airlines Pilots' Wives Club active 18-Nov $1,800.00
Hispanic Scholarship Fund General College Scholarships active 15-Dec $5,000.00
Horatio Alger Association National Scholarship Programs active 30-Oct $20,000.00
Horatio Alger Minnesota Scholarship Program active 30-Oct $5,000.00
Imaging Careers and Networking Scholarship Program active 15-Jan full tuition
Intel Science Talent Search active 1-Nov $100,000.00
Jackie Robinson Foundation's Scholarship Program active 30-Mar $7,500.00
John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Essay Contest active 7-Jan $10,000.00
Judy Lindman Memorial Scholars Program active 15-Mar $6,000.00
KFC Colonel's Scholars Program active 8-Feb $20,000.00
Latina Smart Fund active 31-Oct 10,000
Live Your Dream Art Contest active 31-Dec $100.00+
MAASFEP: MN Assoc. of Administrators of State & Federal Education Program active 6-Jan $2,000.00
Make Dough for College active 1-Jan $5,000.00
Mensa Education and Research Foundation Scholarships active 14-Jan varies
Minnesota Athletes in Sports Medicine Scholarship active 1-May $2,500.00
Minnesota Scholars of Distinction in Theater Arts active 9-Dec varies
Minnesota Women's Golf Association Foundation Scholarship active 31-Mar $3,000.00
Minnesota, U of M- Tuition Waiver/Assistance for Blind or Deaf Students active N/A full tuition
MN AFL-CIO Scholarship for High School Seniors  active 31-Jan $1,000.00
MnACC Student of Color Scholarship active 23-Mar $500.00
Model College of Hair Design Cosmetology Advancement Scholarship active N/A 1,200
National Multiple Sclerosis Society Scholarship Program active 13-Jan varies
NFIB Young Entrepreneur Award active 15-Dec $10,00.00
Passion for Fashion Competition active 20-Jan half-tuition
PCI Academy active 30-Nov $2,500.00
PFund Foundation Scholarships active 1-Feb $5,000.00
Power of YOU active 1-May full tuition+
Principal's Leadership Award active 2-Dec $12,000.00
Prudential Spirit of Community Award active 1-Nov $5,000.00
Puckett Scholars Program active 1-Mar $4,000.00
Rock Your School for Life Student Essay Scholarship  active 2-Mar $2,000.00
Ron Brown Scholar Program active 9-Jan $10,000.00
SAE Engineering Scholarships - University-Sponsored Scholarships active 15-Dec up to full tuition
Scholastic Art & Writing Awards active 23-Dec $10,000.00
Schubert Club 2010 Bruce P. Carlson Student Scholarship Competition active 18-Jan $2,000.00
Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community (SMSC) Endowed Scholarship active 1-Mar $10,000.00
Simon Youth Foundation Community Scholarship Program active 31-Jan $1,400.00
Stokes Educational Scholarship Program active 15-Nov full tuition +
United States Senate Youth Program active 14-Oct $5,000.00
University of St. Thomas- Science, Mathematics, and Engineering  active 1-Dec full tuition
US Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) Scholarship active 1-Dec full tuition +
US Bank Internet Scholarship Program active 31-Mar $1,000.00
Violet Richardson Award active 1-Dec $1,000.00
VSA International Young Soloists Award active 15-Nov $5,000.00+